Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can Growrich give energy without insulin spike?

Diabetics are normally careful about consuming sugar and carbohydrates because these break 

down in the bloodstream causing insulin spikes. VCO breaks down in the liver giving you energy 

without causing insulin spike.


  2.  What are the other benefits of Growrich?

Growrich is a natural food supplement that helps promote healthy energy, healthy cholesterol, 

healthy digestion, healthy memory and healthy weight management. 

  3. How much is Growrich?

P11.50 per capsule only

  4. Where can we buy Growrich?

Growrich is available in all leading drugstores nationwide (Mercury, Watsons, The Generic 

Pharmacy, Southstar).

  5. How do you take Growrich?

Just take one (1) capsule a day.

  6. What is the dosage of Growrich?

Growrich has exactly 500mg of concentrated virgin coconut oil, which is enough for your overall 


  7. Can you take Growrich along with other medication?


  8. Does taking Growrich adversely affect your kidneys?


  9. What is the shelf life of Growrich?

Growrich stays fresh for 2 years. 

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